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Submit an E-Filing by Uploading a CAL File.

For 3rd party software vendors: API v1.1 is available. Contact to receive your Vendor ID and information.

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To submit an e-filing by uploading a CAL file you need:

  • Filer ID - The Filer ID for the NetFile account.
  • Filer Password - The password associated with the Filer ID.
  • Response E-Mail - The e-mail address you want to use to receive status about the CAL upload.
  • CAL File - A valid CAL file.
  • Amendment Information - When you are uploading a CAL file that is amending a previous filing you may override the values in the CAL file by entering the following:
    • Amendment Number - The system requires an amendment sequence number. If the CAL file you are uploading is the first amendment of the original filing, the amendment number is "1". Increase the amendment number with each subsequent amendment.
    • Superceded Filing ID - The system requires the Filing ID of the filing you are amending. See the agency's public site to find the Filing ID for the filing you are amending.

Important! Note that filings made via this 3rd party upload feature must also be amended (when required) using the 3rd party upload feature, not NetFile's free e-filing system. This is due to the structure of the CAL Specification 2.01 where the transaction IDs in an amendment's CAL file must match the transaction IDs in the original's CAL file.