Welcome to the San Francisco Ethics Commission's Lobbyist Public site! This site contains information about lobbying activities for all lobbyist who are registered with the Commission. The Commission requires these lobbyists to submit monthly statements of their lobbying activities including:

  • Activity Expenses
  • Political Contributions
  • Contacts of Public Officials
  • Payments Promised by Clients

NOTE: See the Lobbyist Ordinance (2010) for descriptions and other details about these lobbyist transaction types.


This site contains directories which display information about:

  • Individual Lobbyists - The Directory of Individual Lobbyists contains a list of all lobbyists registered with the San Francisco Ethics Commission.
  • Lobbyist Clients - The Directory of Lobbyist Clients contains a list of all lobbyist clients reported by registered lobbyists.
  • Lobbying Firms and Employers - The Directory of Lobbying Firms and Employers contains a list of all lobbying firms and employers reported by registered lobbyists.
  • Reported Public Officials - The Directory of Reported Public Officials contains a list of all public officials who have been contacted by a lobbyist who is registered with the San Francisco Ethics Commission.
  • Lobbying Subject Areas - The Directory of Lobbying Subject Areas contains a list of all subject areas of concern reported by registered lobbyists.

Transaction Searches

Search transactions by each lobbying activity type.


This site displays the most recent version of each lobbyist's monthly statements. To determine if a lobbyist has amended a statement, see the All Lobbyist Filings page. Click the "Details" link to the right side of an amendment to obtain a list of changes made to the original statement.

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