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Create a New NetFile User for Campaign Committees

Important information for Form 700 Filers!

If you are a Form 700 filer, do NOT use this form. Your agency created your NetFile User automatically. Go back to the log-in page and click on the New User? Request a Password link. Enter and submit your e-mail address (this needs to be the e-mail address associated with your account). The system will send you an e-mail containing a link. Click the link to open a web page that displays your new password. Once you log in to your account you can change that password to something you will remember.

Your NetFile User is a set of credentials and information for accessing your NetFile account(s). To create a NetFile User:

  1. Your First Name - Enter your first name.
  2. Your Last Name - Enter your last name.
  3. Your E-Mail Address - Enter your e-mail address. You use this e-mail address to log in to the NetFile system.
  4. Confirm Your E-Mail Address - Enter your e-mail address again to confirm the e-mail address.
  5. Your Daytime Phone - Enter your daytime phone number. This is used for contact purposes only.
  6. Create NetFile User - Click the Create NetFile User button to create your NetFile User. The system sends you an e-mail message confirming the creation of your NetFile User. Click the link in the e-mail message to receive the password for your new NetFile User.

IMPORTANT: Not for Form 700 (SEI) filers!

If you are required to file a Form 700 with your agency, do NOT use this form. Your filing agency creates your NetFile User for you.

Contact your agency with questions.

NetFile User Information


The system requires information in all fields to create your NetFile User.

Warning! Providing ANY false information for your user profile is cause to delete your NetFile User and any data created with it!

Download the PDF file, Create NetFile User & Link Existing Accounts, for instructions on creating a new NetFile User and linking your existing accounts.